Akashic records and life

The Book of Life or the Akashic Records is one of the ways that you can figure out your great existence. You will find that it has been compared to the Bible. It also acts as a guide for the individual and how to live. With the aksashic records you will find that with every word or every thought or every feeling you have had effected the world, somehow. It is mostly based on Karma, but it does explain and show others that Karama really does exist. It’s not just a theory.

With the Akashic records you will be able to see history repeat itself and you will also be able to learn from your own mistakes so that you don’t repeat history. Also, you’ll find that with the Akashic records you’ll be able to see the influence of your everyday life and also understand some of the feelings and believes that you have.

With your recording you’ll be able to catch memories that you normally wouldn’t recall. You will also be able to track where your soul is going when you take a look at your past. You’ll want to continue to record yourself on a daily basis, but it is important that you record every thought and even every action that you take.

You’ll find that this tradition goes back many years and through many myths. You’ll find that the Book of Life can go back as far as the Semitics and Arabs and the Assyrians and the Hebrews.